What is Contract Packaging?

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Suppliers of food products often require the best packaging materials for their wares. Regardless of whether you purchase spices or ready-to-eat meals, the fact remains that the packaging of the product exerts a considerable amount of influence on your decision to purchase the item. This is why selecting the right packaging for a product is a strategic one for many business owners. Invariably, business owners will need to ascertain whether it makes good business sense to package their wares in-house or to outsource them. In case they plump for the latter, they will need to avail of contract packaging services.


Many people might feel that packaging a product is a simple activity. As such, it does not require outsourcing. However, this is true only to an extent. Packaging a specific kind of product might be simple. But, if you’re stocking a wide range of products, you will probably not want them packaged in the same manner. For instance, packaging meat or fish products requires a specific kind of packaging. Similarly, you will use a different packaging material for the gourmet or mixed nuts that you’re supplying.


Businesses that provide packaging services are mainly responsible for the actual packaging of the products. So, as a business owner, you might have sourced certain food products from elsewhere. Then, you might have used various processes to refine the product even further. At this point, you will need to spend some thought on how you want your customers to take your product with them. You will want your customers to find the packaging appealing and convenient. In addition, you will want to ensure that your packaging keeps the food item fresher for longer. This is when you’ll need to locate a contract packaging service provider. Thereafter, you will need to share your packaging requirements with the vendor to ensure that your product has the appropriate packaging.


In many cases, contract packaging services offer the best quality of packaging for a diverse range of products. They possess immense expertise in the domain. As a result, they can enhance the quality and the look of your product by several notches. By opting for contract packaging services, business owners can:


  • Save a lot of money without having to invest in setting up packaging facilities or in purchasing expensive equipment
  • Reduce their lead time in getting their products to the markets significantly, without having to compromise on the quality assurance and validation of their products and,
  • Derive the benefits of the expertise of the packaging specialists by gaining access to the latest packaging materials and trends

Why Is Food Packaging So Significant in Contemporary Times?

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Each time you walk into a mall or a shopping centre, you will come across shelves of products stacked against each other. Whether you look for soaps or cereals, you will come across products wrapped in different kinds of packaging materials. This diversity of packaging materials accentuates the constant churning that takes place in the packaging industry. Each company wants to offer its products and retain the loyalty of the customer. As a result, they usually package their wares in attractive and innovative ways. And, when it comes to food products, manufacturers often devote a significant amount of time to ensure that they get the packaging spot on. In many ways, the packaging used for the product has become a strategic decision for many companies.


Of late, the kind of packaging material that companies use for their food products has acquired immense significance. This is because the packaging material often serves a myriad of purposes. Proper food packaging helps in:


  • Protecting the food product from a number of things such as vibration, temperature, shock, compression etc.
  • Keeping the food product safe from dust, oxygen, water vapour etc. thereby keeping the product fresher for longer
  • Keeping small food items such as gourmet nuts together in one package for better efficiency
  • Displaying the relevant nutritional facts about the product including the manner of use and disposal, the manufacturing and expiry dates etc.
  • Keeping the customers hooked to a specific brand of products based on their visual appeal
  • Making it convenient for people to handle, display, open, close, re-close, use and reuse the product easily
  • Making customers aware that the food product is safe for consumption with tamper-proof and security features and,
  • Making customers aware of the exact portion of contents of the product

What Materials Do Food Pack Services Typically Use for Packaging their Products?

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With trade and commerce flourishing more than ever before, global borders have fallen away. This has meant that food product suppliers have had to use superior materials for packaging their products. Below par food packaging could easily lead to a higher volume of losses. More importantly, with the levels of competition increasing, poor packaging could also lead to a loss of reputation for the supplier. As a result, the buyers could easily purchase products from other suppliers without any issues. Given this backdrop, suppliers of food products have begun using different packaging materials. This is vital for ensuring that their products can withstand the rigors of transportation and different weather conditions. From wooden crates to metallic packaging, suppliers these days use different packaging materials to keep their products fresher for longer.


Some of the most popular types of food packaging materials that food product suppliers commonly use these days include:


  • Paper and Cardboard: This material is ideal for wrapping dry food items such as sugar, salt, flour etc. Paper is easy to print labels on. It is light too. However, it is permeable to air, gases and water vapour. Despite this, it will not affect the quality of these food items. More importantly, it is cheap and environment-friendly as well.
  • Metal: Many companies have used metallic bases in their packaging material for years. You might have come across tin cans, metallic trays, metallic foils etc. Metals can serve as good barriers to external condition. But, they require sterilisation prior to use as a food packaging. Many businesses use metallic wraps for keeping frozen and heated meals fresher for longer. However, some varieties of metals are susceptible to corrosion. In addition, metallic packaging materials can be relatively costly too. For some people, the opaqueness of metallic wraps can be a turn-off as well. This is because they cannot see the product inside the wrap, without removing the packaging.
  • Glass: Giving glass different shapes is easy. Although glass packaging material requires high temperatures during the formation process, it offers a good barrier between the packed product and the external environment. It is impermeable when it comes to gases and water vapour as well. This is why glass bottles and jars are easy to find in kitchens the world over. While glass is brittle, it is easy to recycle too.
  • Plastic: Plastic packaging can be synthetic and biodegradable. The former is a low-cost product. It is elastic, lightweight and non-biodegradable. In contrast, manufacturers produce biodegradable plastics in a specific manner. This enables these plastics to decompose in a specific manner.
  • Miscellaneous: Other packaging materials that people typically come across include mixed materials or laminates. These feature a few thin layers of various materials such as paper, metallic or plastic films. These materials offer airtight packaging. This enhances the shelf life of the product. Nanocomposite packaging materials are becoming popular too. They feature in the production of bottles or films. They offer low permeability to air and water vapour.

What is the Difference Between Packing and Packaging?

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Many people use the words ‘packing’ and ‘packaging’ interchangeably. They assume that these words refer to the material that contains the food product. To an extent, this is right. After all, both terms refer to products in a similar manner. They facilitate the safe shipment of products, thereby ensuring that the products do not sustain damage during shipment. However, there is a clear difference between both the words. In particular, the difference lies in the manner in which they protect the products.


For the uninitiated, packaging refers to the process of wrapping products in a special material. Depending on the size of the product, food packaging companies could choose to package their wares in sets or even, individually. Packaging goods and food products serves to protect the products during shipping. In addition, it serves to make the product even more attractive to the customers. When it comes to packaging materials, business owners can use a variety of materials. For instance, the use of boxes could help in making the product sturdier. When it comes to food products, the packaging material used will need to provide good barrier properties. This will keep the food fresher for longer. More importantly, it will ensure that the product remains fit for consumption as well.


In contrast, the term ‘packing’ denotes the process of placing packaged items into larger containers for shipping. In some cases, these larger containers could experience rough use. This could have an effect on the products placed in these containers. To ensure that these products do not sustain damage, the packaging of these products will need to be perfect. Some of the most common materials used for packing products such as mixed or wholesale nuts include plastic bubble wrap, shredded paper, crushed paper, air cushion plastic boards, paperboard structures etc. These packing materials help in provide additional cushioning to the product. Thus, during transportation, these packing materials ensure that the product does not sustain any damage.

Emphasise the Look of Your Food Products with the Best Food Packaging Materials

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Yearning or craving for specific kinds of food products that are not easily available is quite common. Such a situation will usually make people search for those products on the internet. Prior to the advent of the internet, people did not have many options in sourcing gourmet food items that they couldn’t locate nearby. So, they would remain content with whatever was locally available, But, the internet transformed the scenario entirely. It enabled people to obtain whatever they were looking for from the convenience of their homes. So, whether you wanted dry fruits or fresh ones, you could purchase them online. Similarly, if you wanted to order a takeaway meal, you could do so online as well. The suppliers would use a variety of food packaging materials for delivering your products in a convenient manner.


It is worth mentioning that food packaging has been a fairly recent phenomena. In ancient times, people usually consumed food wherever they would find it. Storing food was not an option in those days. This was especially so because without modern appliances like fridges, food products would perish in no time. In areas that experienced higher temperatures, many food items would perish and become unfit for consumption within a matter of hours. As a result, some people followed a nomadic existence. They settled down wherever animals like buffalos and antelopes were freely available. Others focused on growing crops through agriculture.


As and when these individuals required packaging materials for their food, they turned to nature. From gourds to shells and from husks to animal skins, they could avail of any kind of material they needed for packaging their food. With the emergence of trade, the need for better quality packaging material came into emergence. People realised that as they transported food products over thousands of miles, they needed better material. So, they relied on natural items like grass, reeds and logs and wove them into baskets. Gradually, they began using wooden boxes. Eventually, with the discovery of metals and ceramics, they began using these materials for packaging their products. These materials are still in use in contemporary times. But, other materials (like plastic and foil) have also become increasingly popular.

Stax Foods: Great Services at a Reasonable price

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Highly competitive pricing

Besides enjoying quality products from us, you will still get these services at highly reduced rates. In fact, if you compare the prices they sell their items to the one we sell our items, you will see that the difference is clear.

Nationwide shipping

If you are living within Sydney, Australia, the items will be shipped to you at no extra cost. But if you are living outside Sydney and / or anywhere around the world, you will be required to take care of the shipping charges. The shipping rates are flexible; they are available at a price you can afford.

Money back guarantee

Clients will enjoy money back guarantee. This can only be possible if we are sure that our items would be returned to us in good state, without any damage and on time too, at least within 1 month of purchase.

Give us your testimonials

If you benefit from our services, we will appreciate if you can share your experiences online. This will help us to improve our services to you; your reviews will be highly appreciated. It will also inspire prospective clients why they need our products.

Stax Foods: Advantages of fruits and nuts

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Lowers body risk

Taking a sizeable amount of our well packaged products like wholesale nuts, dried fruits, mixed nuts, and gourmet nuts will drastically reduce our risk of developing other body complications such as:
• Heart-related ailments
• Coronary heart disease
• Diabetes
• Kidney failure
• Cancer-related complications etc

This means that if you keep on eating these nuts, you will have a minimal risk of developing any of these ailments than those people that bluntly refused to take them. By constantly taking these nuts, you will improve the functions of your heart, experience some weight loss, minimize cholesterol, and so on.

Stax Foods is one of the accredited distributor of mixed nuts, and one of the exciting food packaging companies in Sydney. Its vision and mission is summarized towards making sure that the client is completely satisfied and / or exceeding the client’s expectations.
Our products are fully pre-packaged, and you will enjoy some discounts when you buy from us than when we buy from any of our dealers.

Selling channels

We have successfully marketed our products to the following channels over the years:
• Cafes
• Pubs
• Caterers
• Butcher shops
• Bakeries
• Sporting centres
• Australian food service centres etc

Why you need to buy our products today

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Are you looking for a great roasting and food packaging company? Then the search is over. No matter the number of years you have looked for it, we have an answer for you today; we shall give you reasons why our products are exceptional. It is not for nothing that people recommend our products and services.

Fresh products

Our products are usually very fresh. Upon research, we discovered that our clients are very happy whenever gourmet nuts, mixed nuts and wholesale nuts are served to them in its original state.
We make sure that you enjoy them most when they are served fresh. These nuts includes, but not limited to the followings:
• Almonds
• Cashews
• Walnuts etc

Fully loaded

Our products are rich in the following:
• Minerals like magnesium, calcium
• Protein
• Vitamin E
• Omega-3 fatty acids
• L-arginine
• Plant sterols
• Fibre etc

Natural chemicals

Our products are also good in natural chemicals. Science tells us that eating products that are good for human consumption will yield much benefit to us. Our nuts have great nutritional values. These nuts aids in digestion.

Stax Foods: More things you should know

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Available discount offers

As a client, there is a possibility of enjoying some discounts if you are either buying our items in bulk and/ or if you are referring our services to your friends, family and business associates. Feel free to invite them so that you will be eligible to benefit from these awesome discounts.

Free shipping & Money Back Guarantee

One of the benefits you will enjoy from us is free nationwide shipping plus money back assurance. Irrespective of where you live in Australia, we will deliver the items there on time and on budget. Some of the locations we deliver our items are Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle just to mention but a few.

User-friendly website

Always visit our website and get exciting information about our latest products and services. Our website is safe, and secure. Thus, it is perfectly designed for our clients.

Give us your recommendations

Having benefitted immensely from us, we would happily appreciate it if you can refer us to your circle of friends and family. Also, if there are some things you feel we need to do to keep on delivering excellent services to our clients, kindly let us know.
Your comments will help us to perform better. We value our clients’ suggestions, and we try our best to abide by them. We will do everything humanly possible to assist you, and you will be happy overall.

Get in touch with us

We will appreciate if you can write us an email at the moment, or call us if you are in need of any of our services. One of our agents will attend to you in a professional manner.

Understanding Stax Foods: Things you should know

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Stax Foods supply wholesale nuts, dried fruits, gourmet nuts, food packaging and roasting services to series of private and corporate clients both in Sydney, and across the world. Being a celebrated food packaging company, our sole desire is to make sure our customers are happy at our quality food packaging services.

Years of reputable food pack service

Our company has existed for some years now, and within these years, we have offered exceptional contract packaging and food pack services for many people both in Sydney, and across the Australian continent. Customers can buy our products both online and in any of our accredited outlets. Our years of professional food packaging services speak volumes.

Highly competitive pricing options

Besides selling our items at affordable rates, you will get high quality fully prep-packaged items. People usually love buying from companies they are assured of getting quality competitive pricing.

Our clientele

Serving our clients is always a joy to our hearts; we value them, and we do not take them for granted. For many years now, we have happily served the following clients and still counting:
• Food service centres
• Pubs
• Butcher shops
• Sporting centres
• Caterers
• Cafes
• Bakeries etc