What is the Difference Between Packing and Packaging?

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Many people use the words ‘packing’ and ‘packaging’ interchangeably. They assume that these words refer to the material that contains the food product. To an extent, this is right. After all, both terms refer to products in a similar manner. They facilitate the safe shipment of products, thereby ensuring that the products do not sustain damage during shipment. However, there is a clear difference between both the words. In particular, the difference lies in the manner in which they protect the products.


For the uninitiated, packaging refers to the process of wrapping products in a special material. Depending on the size of the product, food packaging companies could choose to package their wares in sets or even, individually. Packaging goods and food products serves to protect the products during shipping. In addition, it serves to make the product even more attractive to the customers. When it comes to packaging materials, business owners can use a variety of materials. For instance, the use of boxes could help in making the product sturdier. When it comes to food products, the packaging material used will need to provide good barrier properties. This will keep the food fresher for longer. More importantly, it will ensure that the product remains fit for consumption as well.


In contrast, the term ‘packing’ denotes the process of placing packaged items into larger containers for shipping. In some cases, these larger containers could experience rough use. This could have an effect on the products placed in these containers. To ensure that these products do not sustain damage, the packaging of these products will need to be perfect. Some of the most common materials used for packing products such as mixed or wholesale nuts include plastic bubble wrap, shredded paper, crushed paper, air cushion plastic boards, paperboard structures etc. These packing materials help in provide additional cushioning to the product. Thus, during transportation, these packing materials ensure that the product does not sustain any damage.