Stax Foods: More things you should know

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Available discount offers

As a client, there is a possibility of enjoying some discounts if you are either buying our items in bulk and/ or if you are referring our services to your friends, family and business associates. Feel free to invite them so that you will be eligible to benefit from these awesome discounts.

Free shipping & Money Back Guarantee

One of the benefits you will enjoy from us is free nationwide shipping plus money back assurance. Irrespective of where you live in Australia, we will deliver the items there on time and on budget. Some of the locations we deliver our items are Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle just to mention but a few.

User-friendly website

Always visit our website and get exciting information about our latest products and services. Our website is safe, and secure. Thus, it is perfectly designed for our clients.

Give us your recommendations

Having benefitted immensely from us, we would happily appreciate it if you can refer us to your circle of friends and family. Also, if there are some things you feel we need to do to keep on delivering excellent services to our clients, kindly let us know.
Your comments will help us to perform better. We value our clients’ suggestions, and we try our best to abide by them. We will do everything humanly possible to assist you, and you will be happy overall.

Get in touch with us

We will appreciate if you can write us an email at the moment, or call us if you are in need of any of our services. One of our agents will attend to you in a professional manner.