Stax Foods: Advantages of fruits and nuts

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Lowers body risk

Taking a sizeable amount of our well packaged products like wholesale nuts, dried fruits, mixed nuts, and gourmet nuts will drastically reduce our risk of developing other body complications such as:
• Heart-related ailments
• Coronary heart disease
• Diabetes
• Kidney failure
• Cancer-related complications etc

This means that if you keep on eating these nuts, you will have a minimal risk of developing any of these ailments than those people that bluntly refused to take them. By constantly taking these nuts, you will improve the functions of your heart, experience some weight loss, minimize cholesterol, and so on.

Stax Foods is one of the accredited distributor of mixed nuts, and one of the exciting food packaging companies in Sydney. Its vision and mission is summarized towards making sure that the client is completely satisfied and / or exceeding the client’s expectations.
Our products are fully pre-packaged, and you will enjoy some discounts when you buy from us than when we buy from any of our dealers.

Selling channels

We have successfully marketed our products to the following channels over the years:
• Cafes
• Pubs
• Caterers
• Butcher shops
• Bakeries
• Sporting centres
• Australian food service centres etc